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What Barral-Upledger-Chikly Students Are Saying


Choong Li Sann, PT

” I FIND the NM techniques are very effective on patients with increased neural tension or sign of nerve restriction. I learnt from 3 instructors from different regions, all of them were very experienced and informative. The teaching about the theory and techniques was very clear. I really enjoy and appreciate how they give enough time to ensure all students have enough time on practicing the new technique, and yet able to emphasize on the precision and deep knowledge of the work.

In my practice, I see many people with movement dysfunction related to compensation or disuse causing problem with radiating pain. After applying the technique on related nerve, I can progress the movement retraining more efficiently and effectively. I also find that after applying the technique on indicated structure, it is easier to perform soft tissue release. The course has enable me the skill to release the local nerve restriction or fixation, and enhance me with the knowledge to identify and restore the global dysfunctional patterns that causes many functional limitations.

I highly recommend this course as it offers a sophisticated approach to use as an integration to my current manual and movement practice. Very modest and effective technique to apply easily.


Gigi Kuwan, PT

GIGI Kuwan, PT shares 2 recent case studies – using Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation and Fascial Membrane Techniques – to treat her clients.

“A 41 year old lady was referred to me for C5/6 prolasped intervertebrae disc. She complained of idiopathic onset, of constant dull pain over her left neck, shoulder blade and referred down to the lateral aspect of her left arm. Symptoms could be aggravated whenever she carried her 2 year old son. On examination, she presented with a protracted and elevated left scapula. Neck movement was limited especially with right side flexion and rotation. Left median nerve tension test was positive. Her left shoulder and neck fascia were tight, resulting in compression of her left median nerve. Releasing the neck and shoulder fascia that I had learnt in the visceral manipulation (VM) and visceral manipulation advanced techniques (VMAT), reduced her symptoms by 50% on the 1st session. By the 2nd session, she had no more constant pain. There was no more radiating pain after I used neural manipulation (NM) to release the median nerve. The median nerve tension was normalized. Subsequently, she underwent a core strengthening program to prevent the overusing of her shoulder musculature while lifting her son.

A 21 years old man complained of left medial scapular pain after carrying a heavy backpack for 5 hours. The symptom could be aggravated with thoracic rotation or scapular retraction. On examination, his left rib cage was restricted with reduced fascia and ribs mobility. After releasing the shoulder thoracic fascia tension and mobilizing the left rib 4 and 5 which I learnt from VMAT and FMT, The patient was pain-free. The pain returned after 1 day with a lower intensity. The patient’s symptom gradually resolved with subsequent sessions.


Shamsynar Ani-Shahfiran, PT

” MY FIRST introduction to CST was in 2006 but I was unconvinced that it was something I could incorporate in my physiotherapy practice. It was only 2014 when I was wearing braces that I started to look for alternative therapies to help me manage my unexplained symptoms when conventional therapy failed. A fellow physiotherapist who has been practising CST had a look at me and as I left her couch that day, I could feel a profound difference in me… and that 90% of my symptoms went away within a week of her CST treatment.

My first CST course was by Mariann Cisco and I was impressed by how a “light” touch could induce such a huge physiological response. I was sceptical initially of course. But because The Upledger Institute teaches CST from an anatomical perspective and incorporates the latest research evidence, I was won over!

Previously, I would be asking my patients verbally for the characteristics of every symptom that they may be having. I would then proceed to assess each of the painful areas and proceed to treat the area that is the most painful. This often does not result in a significant change in their symtptom(s). I now look at their epicentre to steer me to the appropriate area to treat. This new way of treatment has resulted in less stress for my patients and my patients are often almost always amazed as to how I am able to locate areas of pain that they have not verbalised to me.

My best teachers so far have been my young patients. Not having the vocabulary or speech to describe their problem, I am only guided by my young patient’s inner wisdom to tell me where and how to help them. The results are always never instantaneous but parents and teachers alike have reported positive changes in the children’s walking, speech, learning and/or behaviours.

As science unearths new “organs” in the body that were previously not in existence, there is increasingly more research that provides evidence that CST treatments do work. I now incorporate CST in every patient that I see. I just wished that I had picked up CST in 2006!


Dr Sundardas D. Annamalay ND, PhD, MD(MA) DSc, CST-D

” I HAVE found that Craniosacral Therapy (CST), Visceral Manipulation (VM) and Neural Manipulation (NM) has allowed me to work with patients that I would never dream of working with before. Two cases in point.

The first was a 30+ year old American gentleman, with chronic headaches, who had a craniotomy done and had shunts inserted to help him drain cerebrospinal fluid from the brain.

Three session of CST reduced his headaches. The following three sessions of VM and NM, resulted in the inserted drainage tubes popping out on their own. The attending surgeon told him after examination that his system was now draining cerebrospinal fluid normally. The gentleman went on to improve and become totally pain free with subsequent 5 to 7 sessions of CST, VM and NM. 

The second was a 81 year old Chinese lady who was the mother in-law of one of my current patients who is a senior medical doctor. He called me up to tell me that that she was in significant pain. He suspected she had a compression lumbar fracture and asked if I would do a house call. She was experiencing a great deal o flower back pain and neck and right arm symptoms.

Her medical history was very significant. She has a history of diverticulitis of the colon. She had multiple surgeries done. The most recent was a laparotomy for the closure of end ileostomy. When the surgeon had gone into her bowels during surgery he discovered the following:

  • Chronic granulation in the middle of the previous laparotomy scar
  • Adhesions between small bowels to the scar, interloop and small bowel to bladder fundus
  • Vesicotomy was performed as well due to adhesions between small bowel to bladder
  • Rectal stump up to the level of sacral promontory

Her abdomen had multiple scars. I did 40 minutes of primarily VM, with NM and a little CST. Her response to the treatment was gratifying positive. She experienced a 50% reduction in symptoms. One month later, her son-law the doctor mentioned that she was doing the marketing and cooking very easily and comfortably. 


Charles T. Ortiz, DMD

” I STARTED looking for alternative treatment for my patients who are suffering from TMJ Disorder and its associated ailments that goes along with it. Like migraines, back pain, insomnia, vertigo, tinitus, sinusitis, just to name a few. Since as a dentist I am only focused on the jaw, although with our treatment using some mouth appliance to ease TMJ disorder some patients are relieved. But most are not.

I came across CranioSacral Therapy while searching for alternative therapy to help my patients more on their health and took CST 1 and 2. 

From then on I was hooked on taking advanced courses as I treated my patients with TMJ problems and its associated ailments.Amazing results came up since it shortened the time of my treatments with great results.

Patients were amazed with the results that they refer patient and children to my office for therapy other than TMJ Disorder.

A variety of patients for CST have already seen the benefits of the therapy. Patients with migraine, hormonal problems, vertigo, back pains, children with developmental problems are some of few cases just to name a few with great results after CST.

In my dental clinics, I now have an extra room for CST. I never thought that dentistry and CST could blend well in my practice. But since then I’ve never looked back and I am very happy helping people not only on their dental problems but also on their over all health.

Happy patient, happy me as well!


David Lee, Advanced Rolf Practitioner

” I HAVE included Visceral Manipulation and Neuromeningeal Manipulation (NM) techniques in my daily repertoire of work. 

Barral Institute courses have helped me a lot in understanding the anatomy of human structures and their relationships to one another. 

You will be guided by the body being treated with your listening skills which will be taught in the curriculum. With an appreciation of detailed anatomy of the body and enhanced listening skills, you will be more efficient and safe in your treatment.

I have a client who came in with shoulder pain and limited ROM. Upon clinical examination, the client showed weakness in both shoulder abduction and lateral rotation. A suprascapular nerve compression was suspected. I used palpation and treatment techniques taught in NM2 (Upper Body) to assess and treated the client with great results.


Faris Tan, LDT therapist

” I FIND LDT useful in clearing bruises, reducing pain and swelling. My clients also have a faster recovery time.

A table edge fell on one of my client\’s toe and her big toe nail became dark and the toe itself became red and inflamed. After LDT, the swelling subsided and the pain decreased. After 5 days, the client returned happy that her toe nail has returned to its original healthy state. In such cases, the toe nail usually falls off but not in this case as LDT was administered just in time.

Another client came in with clutches with bruises seen on lower calf; lateral aspect of foot; around malleolus n several toes. After 2 sessions, the swelling and pain subsided. By the end of the first week, all the bruises were gone and no walking aid was required.

What Jin Shin Jyutsu Students/Clients Are Saying

Keith C. L. Tan


” THE USE of 2 allopathic drugs I had strong reactions to in late 2008 resulted in a rare condition called Oromandibular Dystonia.

This condition rendered me unable to speak or chew. The brain’s movement center was in a heightened state and my body’s flight and fight response was switched on 24/7 and soon, my entire body tightened up.

I went down the path of Botox in desperation but that only made things worse over time. I tried every therapy available in Singapore – from acupuncture to Manual lymphatic drainage while pursuing 7 of the top neurologists for a cure.

Every single time, therapists would give the caveat “We’ll try, but it’s something we’ve never seen”. This of course was miles ahead of what doctors said “There’s no cure”. In fact, 2 even insisted I see a psychiatrist because they were convinced it was all in my mind.

The psychiatrist passed me with flying colours.

Hope seemed to be running out.

One day, as if by the will of God, I walked into a Chiropractor’s office and saw Kathy Dunderdale’s brochure sitting on his desk.

Everything about Jin Shin Jyutsu seemed to resonate with me, and with whatever determination I could muster, I went for sessions with her.

It started with 3 weeks twice a day and it brought a new ease which I had never felt. Still, I wasn’t cured.

Kathy went on vacation after our first set of treatments and she referred me to Angeline Gwee.

My sessions with her were thrice a week when I started. We worked on organs, number flows, special flows and I supplemented this with Chiropractic treatments.

My dystonia of the jaw remained, but other things like allergies, headaches, tightness began to clear up over time.
Months passed and Angeline worked with me tirelessly. Listening to my body and working out a strategy that would balance the organs and my entire system.

On my part, I fell head over heels with Jin Shin Jyutsu and began doing self help several times a day every single day.

The 4th year anniversary of my dystonia is round the corner.

I don’t celebrate it, but what I do celebrate is how far I’ve come with no medication. I have gotten 60% of my speech and chewing back and have wellness better than before I got inflicted with dystonia.

My quality of life is better and I am more myself now than I have ever been.

I now see Angeline once in 3 weeks or when necessary and can manage with self help – and still see improvements to my condition month to month.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is the best thing that’s happened and I hope those with chronic conditions will find their path to the work and immerse themselves in it. The benefits are immense and amazing.

I could write a novel on the milestones and breakthroughs, but in essence, I want to thank God for Jiro Murai, for Mary Burmeister who spread the work, for Kathy Dunderdale who took me on despite the condition I was in and for Angeline Gwee who’s become more than a practitioner – a friend.

Jin Shin Jyutsu has given me back much of my life and in most respects made it very much better to live – even if there’s a chronic condition strapped on to my being.

Of course, looking at the way things are going, in time, I am confident even that chronic condition shall pass.

Dominic Lim

— student of Jin Shin Jyutsu

” I HAVE been an avid sports person since young. Pain and injuries are a part of my life. I often seek treatment from TCM (sinsehs). The relief is merely temporary. I was introduced to JSJ and have applied what I have learned to ease those discomfort. Many sports enthusiast strife to perfect themselves through the theory of this slogan -’No Pain No Gain’. I have benefited much from JSJ . The pain is gone and I have gained a valuable knowledge to NOW KNOW MYSELF.