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Feb 21 - 24The Art of Jin Shin: The Depth WorkshopAlexis Brink
Maria D. Chuapoco-Reynolds
Mar 4 - 6Advanced Visceral Manipulation: Visceral Osteoarticular Relationships (AVMVOR)Jean-Pierre Barral, DO
Mar 8 - 10Manual Approach to the Brain 2 (MAB2)Jean-Pierre Barral, DO
Apr 15 - 18CranioSacral Therapy 1 (CS1)Thomas Rasmussen Ph.D, MSc, CST-D
Apr 20 - 23CranioSacral Therapy 2 (CS2)Thomas Rasmussen Ph.D, MSc, CST-D
May 24 - 27Visceral Manipulation 1 (VM1) Rita Benamor, DO
May 29 - Jun 1Visceral Manipulation 2 (VM2) Rita Benamor, DO
Jul 5 - 8Lymph Drainage Therapy 1 (LDT 1) Robin Levine, RMT
Jul 10 - 13Lymph Drainage Therapy 2 (LDT 2) Robin Levine, RMT
Jul 15 - 18Lymph Drainage Therapy 3 (LDT 3) Robin Levine, RMT
Aug 2 - 5Visceral Manipulation: The Pelvis (VM3) Damian Kitcheman, DO
Aug 7 - 10Visceral Manipulation: The Thorax (VM4) Damian Kitcheman, DO
Sep 12 - 14New Manual Articular Approach: Spine and Pelvis (MASP)Kare Nielsen PT, DO
Sep 16 - 18New Manual Articular Approach: Lower Extremity (MALE) Kare Nielsen PT, DO
Oct 10 - 12Neuromeningeal Manipulation: An Integrative Approach to Trauma (NM1) Rita Benamor, DO
Oct 14 - 16Peripheral Nerve Manipulation: Upper Body (NM2) Rita Benamor, DO
Oct 24 - 27Visceral Manipulation 5/6 (conversion class)Renee Assink, DO, PT, CST-D
Oct 28 - 30Visceral Manipulation: Visceral Vascular Manipulation: Upper Body (VVMU) Renee Assink, DO, PT, CST-D
Nov 8 - 10 &
14 -16
Jin Shin: Practitioner Certificate Program (PCP) Tan Siew Kim

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