Tan Choun Wee
Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and Self-Help instructor

In 2014, Choun Wee attended his first 5-day Jin Shin Jyutsu class, marking the beginning of his dedication to this healing practice. He continued his learning by participating in classes led by various instructors, including Wayne Hackett, Jed Schwartz, Sadaki Kato and Alexis Brink. Recently, he successfully obtained his Practitioner Certificate from the Jin Shin Institute.

For several years, Choun Wee studied under the mentorship of Siew Kim, honing his expertise in the Art of Jin Shin. As a practitioner, he specializes in treating special needs children, the elderly, and individuals with diverse health concerns. Over the past few years, Choun Wee has been sharing his knowledge of Jin Shin Jyutsu through self-help classes conducted in both English and Chinese, providing valuable guidance to individuals seeking to improve their well-being.

在2014年,Choun Wee参加了自己的第一个为期5天的Jin Shin Jyutsu课程,标志着他开始致力于仁神术的实践。他通过参加由不同仁神术导师的课程来继续学习,其中包括在2017澳大利亚由Sadaki Kato导师主持的课程。最近,他成功获得了Jin Shin Institute颁发的执业证书。

这些年来,Choun Wee在Siew Kim的指导下学习,磨练了自己在仁神术学习方面的专业知识。作为一名从业者,他专门治疗特殊需要的儿童、老年人和有各种健康问题的个体。在过去的几年里,Choun Wee通过英语和中文自助课程分享他的仁神术知识,为那些希望改善自己健康的人提供指导。

Instructor, Maria D. Chuapoco-Reynolds