Mark Bloemberg, PT, BI Diplomate

Mark Bloemberg has had his own practice in Zwanenburg since 1 January 1994. First as a manual therapist and since 1998 as a manual visceral therapist. In addition, he gives courses in this treatment method.


After a four-year HBO study at the SAFA in Amsterdam, I started as a physiotherapist. Pretty soon after that I started the part-time training Manual Therapy, because I felt that I missed something, that I still knew too little, had too little knowledge and possibilities. After four years of training, I was entitled to call myself a therapist in 1993.


Manual visceral therapy

Still, in the years that followed, I still had the feeling of missing something. That is why I started in 1996 with the course Manual Visceral Therapy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. The visceral therapy was completely my thing; here the body is seen as a whole, with handles for almost all structures in the body, internal organs, nerves, skull, blood vessels, muscles and joints, not to mention the negative emotions stored in the body. In 2000 I started teaching in manual visceral therapy.



Currently I give more than 15 different courses in the Netherlands and abroad. Most of these courses were developed by Jean-Pierre Barral, the founder of visceral therapy. Before I received permission from Jean-Pierre Barral to give these courses myself, I assisted several times in his courses and gained a lot of experience with the offered techniques. I myself have been allowed to develop the course ‘Manual visceral therapy for children’. In this I transfer my knowledge of anatomy, physiology and research and treatment techniques for babies and children


Instructor, Mark Bloemberg