Maria D. Chuapoco-Reynolds

Maria D. Chuapoco-Reynolds grew up in a medical family, her father Cecilio Chuapoco, was a physician and surgeon and her mother, Philomena Dooley, a nurse, mid-wife and Senior JSJ instructor and mentor.

Maria has had the rare fortune to personally meet and learn directly from Master Jiro Murai’s only students, Mary Burmeister and Dr. Kato.

Upon attending her first class with Mary over 45 years ago, something stirred within her and that whatever her journey forward, Jin Shin Jyutsu was to become a constant ally.

She continues to work extensively with Philomena Dooley, now one of the preeminent scholars of Jin Shin Jyutsu.  Her curiosity of healing brought her to study other modalities such as Shen-Qi with Master Aiping Wang in Croatia, Yo Long Gong Qi Gong with Master Yu An Ren in China, Bu Qi with Dr. Shen of Belgium.

Maria practices in Boulder, Colorado USA, where she lives with her husband Tim, daughters Celia (17) and Julia (14), two dogs, one mean cat, six happy hens and a dozen fish.

Maria loves helping people find ease in their lives through this beautiful and impactful art. She weaves a rich tapestry of experiences into her understanding of Jin Shin Jyutsu and shares her knowledge with humor and joy.

Instructor, Maria D. Chuapoco-Reynolds