Hans Huikeshoven, PT, CST-D


In 1971 at the age of 21 I graduated as a physiotherapist, I have done several additional training courses:

  • Manual therapy, method “van der Bijl”. Completed in 1976 (Training Foundation School of Manual Therapy in Utrecht);
  • Upledger CranioSacral Therapy, completed advanced training under Dr. John Upledger himself (the founder of the CranioSacral Therapy) in 1994 (Upledger Institute Netherlands in Doorn);
  • Arthropraxie, completed in 1997 (with Henk Quaadvliet in Sittard);
  • I have also run at the Upledger Institute in recent years, various workshops, such as: Psychopathology, visceral manipulation, general listening, communication, embryosofie (Jaap van de Wal), the logics of dialogue (Dialogica) and pediatrics one and two.

I am very interested in the systemic work of Bert Hellinger and his development of family constellations workshops.

Work experience:

  • Since graduating in 1971 I worked full time in a hospital, called the Mary Foundation in Haarlem;
  • From 1974 until July 1, 2011 part time as a physical therapist in the St. Lucas Andreas Hospital in Amsterdam. In recent years I have held in the hospital, the role of counselor and was a member of the business care team, ( to support co workers in the hospital, who were confronted with traumatic experiences during their work).
  • Since 1979 I work in my own private practice as a manual therapist and after completing the training for Craniosacral Therapist also as craniosacral therapist;
  • I have for 10 years been connected to the outpatient clinic for chronic pain patients at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam.
  • I have worked with my colleague Marlies Buck for 6 years with multiple hands on craniosacral therapy treatments given at the Upledger Institute in Doorn;
  • In 1996, I started teaching CST at the Upledger Institute in Doorn in Holland and since 2000 also abroad as an international lecturer.
  • Since 2012 I am qualified to teach all levels in CST, including Advanced training.
  • If you can read Dutch, you may want to look at my website: http://www.craniosacraaltherapie.info
Instructor, Hans Huikeshoven