CranioSacral Therapy 2 (CS2) 2023


2 – 5 March 2023


The Living Well Workshop Co.


SGD 1,500.00

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CS2 studies cranial-base dysfunctions as diagnosed and treated by Dr. William Sutherland, the “father of cranial osteopathy. The course material and hands-on sessions will focus on cranial base dysfunctions, the masticatory system-hard palate, mandible and temporomandibular joint; whole body evaluation; and the energy cyst with regional unwinding. An introduction to SomatoEmotional Release will also be presented.

Learner Objectives

  • Build the foundation to understand the craniosacral system and study techniques to effect change
  • Discuss and describe the anatomy and physiology of the craniosacral system and its relationship to illness, pain and dysfunction
  • Practice and refine your light-touch palpation skills to access subtle restrictions in the body by focusing on the cranium, sacrum, craniosacral rhythm and related soft tissue
  • Evaluate and treat sphenobasilar lesions and bones of the hard palate as they relate to the craniosacral system
  • Discuss application of CranioSacral techniques for children from 2-9 years of age
  • Demonstrate and evaluate the fascial segments
  • Demonstrate and evaluate arcing, fascial glide, dural tube and listening stations
  • Demonstrate energy cysts, definitions, clinical significance
  • Demonstrate regional tissue release
  • Demonstrate facilitated segments

Course Highlights

  • Discover how to integrate Sutherland’s technique for identifying lesions into the CranioSacral Therapy 10-Step Protocol.
  • Enhance your ability to conduct whole-body evaluations focusing on the physiological phenomena that occur.
  • Practice evaluating and treating cranial-base dysfunctions.
  • Explore the concepts of SomatoEmotional Release and Energy Cysts.
  • Observe skilled demonstrations and participate in hands-on practice.


CS1 – CranioSacral Therapy 1 and thorough working knowledge of the 10-Step Protocol.

Required Advance Reading:

CranioSacral Therapy, chapters 7-15, by John E. Upledger, DO, OMM, and Jon D. Vredevoogd, MFA;
CranioSacral Therapy II: Beyond the Dura, chapter 3, by Dr. John E. Upledger

Course Cancellation Policy:

  1. Upon registration, $150 is non-refundable.
  2. Cancellation less than 30 days before the course commences, 50% non-refundable.
  3. Cancellation less than 2 weeks before the course commences, 100% non-refundable.
  4. No refund will be given if you do not complete any part of the 4-day course.
  5. The Living Well Workshop Co. Pte Ltd reserves the right to cancel any course due to unforeseen circumstances. In such an event, all money paid will be refunded in full. We will not be responsible for any travel expenses – air ticket, hotel, etc. – paid by the registrant.