CranioSacral Therapy: Beyond the Sphenoid


26 November 2025


The Living Well Workshop Co.


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Further explorations of the sphenobasilar articulation and the Sutherland cranial base strain restrictions.


The new anatomy of the sphenoid-occipital complex
Understanding dural stress fibers in intra-cranial and intra-spinal dysfunctions Working with main brain – dura – cranial base dysfunctions including:
  • early central nervous system development, – brain concussion
  • whiplash.
The sphenobasilar articulation is a synchondrosis (a cartilage bar) until the age between 14-18 year. Hereafter, the sphenoid-occipital complex fuses as one bone with inherent mobility. The cranial base dysfunctions are most likely created by abnormal fascial tensions acting on the sphenoid- occipital complex. Dural tension is transmitted to bones of attachment. The more severe strain and compression dysfunctions are related to intracranial and intraspinal fascia tensions. In addition to the attachments of the intracranial membranes described in CS1, also especially built tension bands of collagen fibers have been identified. Beryl E. Arbuckle, described specific concepts of dural “stress bands” that could indicate problems with the central nervous system. Having a working knowledge and perception of the dural stress fibers gives both understanding and treatment options for brain – dura – cranial base dysfunctions. Main brain-dura- cranial base dysfunctions arise from early central nervous system development, brain concussion and whiplash.



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