CranioSacral Therapy: States of Consciousness – Perception and Therapeutic Presence (CST PTP) 


25 November 2025


The Living Well Workshop Co.


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Further Explorations of Palpation and Perception in CranioSacral Therapy

This workshop offers an opportunity for enhancing the understanding and practice of perception and therapeutic presence in the treatment session.

The main idea is to understand the different states of consciousness that might be experienced by a person as progressing trough the ongoing development as a therapist. Further, states of consciousness relates to our perception and therapeutic presence, during the CST treatment. Becoming aware and to practice with our states of consciousness may increase our skills as a CranioSacral therapist.

The nature and origin of consciousness is a continuous and unanswered question. Ideas including cognitive, neural and quantum theories have been proposed. Two fundamentally different views are whether it’s monistic, meaning the brain does all functions, or a dualistic view where the brain and consciousness are divided. 

Although the nature and origin of consciousness are unknown, we can identify different states of consciousness, and the different states have a relation to the brain wave pattern. Neurons have individual oscillations, and groups of neurons oscillate and communicate at specific frequencies, creating different brain wave patterns, believed to reflect or be related to our state of consciousness.  

Meditation is a commonly used word but also unspecific. Different traditions from where Western culture refers to meditation is referring to more specific practices and states, often beginning at the level of relaxation and a conscious regulation of attention.  Attention practice is related to meditation on an object, as we develop the objectless practice aiming at different states of consciousness becomes a possibility.

Here we focus on the practice and states commonly experienced by the therapist during a treatment session.

In CST it is central to follow the inner wisdom of the client, to do this we must be still enough to perceive. Our physical eyes are a good indicator for whether we are in a perceiving mode or doing mode. Looking is a doing process and may relate to the orientation response scanning for dangers.

In all exercises in the workshop, and during treatment sessions in general, keep the eyes relaxed and inactive, softening the eyes and letting the eyes fall back in the skull. Both rapid eye movements and the instinctive orientation response to follow all movements must be trained to relax.

The specific practice and states describe in the workshop can be further studied in the book “Inside Meditation. In search of the unchanging nature within” by Alexander Filmer-Lorch.

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